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Post Top Ad Scam? Real Experience Payment Proof Url Shortner 2018

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Hello guys ,I know most of you as a publisher always try to look good CPC network alternative like adfly and many more but what most important thing you guys see is the cpm with highest cpm rate so you all can earn a good amount of money .
            Today we are going to review , its currently a new website with around 10k+ registered users, and the admin is itself from India ,living in Mumbai,but apart from that what's the goods and bad about this network let's talk guys with payment proof.
Before that let me suprise you with the 1000/$ rate so you all can be amazed .

Goods :
Signups bonus : $2 (ended)
Minimum cpm : $2.7
(I haven't seen this before)
Good for countries like India publishers to montize.
Less payout :$5
New payment option :Paytm
Instant payment
The contact support is pretty good.
If you use the full page script on the links which are currently shorted with shrtfly links ,it can override them like adfly and
 Otherwise this website is best alternative for adfly/ mostly for Indian and tier 3 countries users
    Ohk payment? So hope you all can believe me lol , here to go:

I don't have much traffic lol ,
                   CLICK HERE TO JOIN
Anyways I hope you all like my honest review regarding this website and lastly it could be a good choice for best alternative url shorter of 2018.
Have a nice day !

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