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About Us

Hey !
This is niyam , aka The Ceo Of MrNiaMsTeR,
From INDIA,born on as a 90's Kidoo (6 Sep 1997) with just ablank mind.
The Main Idea of this Concept was basically started on 2015 with just nothing and a certain goal of helping some people with some tech stuffs!

             Just Back in 2015 , i really Love Tech /Fixing things and ho they work and as a fav hobby of editing and  photography and graphic love is what really make me to do more , but then i basically started youtube  and with just a screen recorer it all started , and getting good feed backs from most of you all guys helped me to make more and after thaT,Then back in 2016 MRNIAMSTER was created on instagram but not as a tech but as a quote page and it really was one of my fav things to do.

                                                                               Special thanks to you all at the end for giving the love back and for being a part of this small family, where i just started with 0 and now it is where i once dreamed of ,& also welcome you to be one part :)

Services Offered : Click here

Thanks !

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