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FIX ⚠ Link Hidden Problem Youtube | YTSUBME.COM

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Youtube are recently hidding many links even if the links like are safe while adding links in descrption of your video . We are Strictly following youtube policy as stated here  ,if you are creator and facing one of those problems here are the fix methods!

We talked to youtube and here it was it says :


Method 1 : Short the link with other domain

You can short your urls with shortner urls like   and mask the urls


Tip : Just add before the link instead of shorterning , 

Method 2 : Redirect users to your website
This method is optional , but if you have a download website and want to gain subscribers all you can do is 
1.Redirect the users to your website from youtube and can redirect the ursers to urls from your website.

Method 3 : Remove https before the link
This one is far more working solution all you have to do is remove the https from the links 
example :  


Method 4 : Use Links in Comment Sections
You can Fix the problem by Pinning the comment and adding the links in  your comments section

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