Guide to activating Google feed,at a glance, Google reminders and etc in any country, and fixing common problems. - MRNIAMSTER


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Guide to activating Google feed,at a glance, Google reminders and etc in any country, and fixing common problems.

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Guide to activating Google feed,at a glance, Google reminders and etc in any country, and fixing common problems.
This is an easy guide to making all of the normal features of google feed, assistant and stuff work properly on any android 7+ phone (haven't tested below 7) in any country that doesn't allow these features. this is not for everyone, read this in full before starting so that you know what you are getting into. so far, there has been no danger to my phone's software doing these stuff. however im not responsible if you do something wrong. follow the steps properly.
  1. first of all download a VPN app from the play store, I personally used the CM VPN but use whatever you want. only important thing is that your vpn must have USA connection.
  2. update your google app to the latest version, or even go all the way to the latest beta (I prefer the normal because feed looks nicer)
  3. turn on the VPN and go to your location settings, and select GPS Only mode.
  4. go to your apps in the settings, press "show system apps" and go to the G letter and find Google Services Framework. delete all of the cache and data for that app. then find the google app. do the same but it happens in a different window, you gotta press manage data and then delete it from inside the google app.
  5. open the google app, wait a few seconds and the google feed shows up. weather is missing and most of the features dont work yet, we will get back to them.
  6. disconnect and close the vpn. then restart your device.
  7. start by activating the assistant. first i suggest that you pause voice activity in google account settings.then activate the voice assistant step by step to the finish.
  8. go to the google app, the 3 lines to the right( settings and stuff) go to assistant settings, in the 2nd tab find "phone" and activate voice unlock (this is just to test if the assistant is working properly) if the voice unlock gets activated properly then you're good, if it doesnt, try deactivating voice and audio activity and try again. you can disable voice unlock after.
  9. so now the assistant is activated, google feed is working, you also need to install a launcher that supports google feed page(i am using lawnchair 2 which is in alpha currently, you can use Nova, Rootless Pixel, or CPL or any other that supports it)
  10. in order to get google at a glance on screen if your launcher doesn't have it, there is a widget in your widgets screen, from google themselves.
  11. in order to activate the weather, go to location settings, select high accuracy, turn on google location history, and then go to the google feed page in your home screen, on the search bar type "weather" and search for it, open the weather page (the google weather app thingy) and close it. refresh the page and its up and running as the top card. common problem: disappears after a while do the search bar thing again and it works.
  12. the last thing is reminders. type "reminder" in the search bar of the google feed page, make a reminder, then close the whole thing. open assistant, say show me my reminders, it will tell you the reminder you just set up. delete it using voice commands. then make another reminder using voice commands, go to the google app, open the 3 lines page (bottom right) then open reminders. if you have done everything properly, the reminder you set up in search is gone, and the voice reminder is there. if you don't need it, delete the reminder.


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