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How To CHECK BOUNCE RATE OF YOUR WEBSITE & How to lower your bounce rate.

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So I know as a publisher we always arrive at a time to know the reasons why we aren't getting enough traffic on website now there could be many reasons, on such reason is bounce rate itself and that's what Iam goin to tell how you how to know it .
What is bounce rate ?
Basically users meant to say I don't give a damn shit about this website and they eventually leave your site to fast or don't even bother about the content itself lol ..
I hope my thing lang is ok with ya all!!!
So ohk how to find the bounce rate of your website? Let it be a blogger or WordPress platform, it doesn't matter ,
All we are using a tool know as google analytics , so let get started..

1.go to click on top right corner , a menu button will be shown ( 3 horizontal lines type) just click on behavior !!!
You will see many information with BOUNCE RATE
Now ,

How much bounce rate it good?
It's that simple , lower the bounce rate , it's that good
For ex if it's between 30-40 :awesome
40-60: okay
60-70++++ : fkin bad ,
How to lower the bounce rate ?
1.increase the quality of content
2. Don't  make your post look spammy with ads lol ,pop-up ads that really frustrates people and mostly people leave your website if it's not a download site etc
So that's it , I hope this is enough for today see ya all soon , and do comment your reviews ,much appreciated.

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