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Counter-Strike 1.9 CSGO Edition

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Counter-Strike 1.9 CSGO Edition Type: Action / Shooter / Online Production: Valve Software Language: English Mods: LAN, Internet -NEW WEAPONS/Caracter skins taken from CS:GO/Counter Strike Global Offensive -Working on XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 -Offline bots included -LAN, Internet-Romanian/international masterserver -Cheats protection -NO offline game/bots More info on Game Note: To remove the glow effect from the game delete "cgprograms" folder + "cg.dll" + "cgGI.dll" + "opengl32.dll" files from install dir Uploader: A friend requested to post this CS 1.9 modified cs/tested game everything works as it should, enjoy if you wish and remember to seed it, will return in few days with another modified CS version including bots/final last cs upload Tags: Counter Strike, counter-strike 1.6, Counter strike half life, counter strike 2016, counter 2017, servere counter striker, servers, counter strike online, bots aimhack, counter strike multimplayer, counter striker 1.6 online, steam, nosteam, zombie mode, counter striker 1.6 original, counter 1.6 classic, counter strike Romania

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