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10 Methods to Share Adf.ly Links (adfly secret) #2015 update

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10 Methods to Share Adf.ly Links (adfly secret)

Click here  To start your journey with adf.ly.

Adf.ly is a a free URL shortening service with a feature help you to make money online easily. Get paid to share your links on the Internet! Just register for an account and start shrinking.You get paid for every person that visits your URLs.
.When you will click on this link you will see advertisement and then come to this site.Its very easy to make money.Place your links on Facebook, Twitter, forums,personal websites and any social networking sites.Its a cool website to make some money online.

You can earn more than $4.00 / 1000 visitors to your links. Get tiny URLs for your large urls, great for when text space is limited andyou can earn more money by using this method. All advertising is strictly family-safe with no popups every one can watch these advertisements.Frequent statistics with revenue breakdown easily.Refer users and get a massive 20% commission on the total earning they made in their life time.Many tools – Mass Shrinker tool is availabe for Easy Link, API . Easy-to-reach $5.00 minimum payout.That cool you can easily reach 5$.So why are you waiting just register to adfly and start making money online easily .

Here is the method i use to get more traffic to my site and my adf.ly links

1. Pastebin method
1. Go to This Link
2. Create a new paste about something popular including some good stuff like download link and put there an adf.ly link.
3. See views at the top of the paste. Just a single refresh gives to around 10 views.
4. If your paste goes viral, you are done.
5. You can check many viral and trending pastes in the top of the site.

2. Download sites
share your adf.ly links on link sharing sites that offers free stuff.
simply upload there a lot popular stuff and when someone tries to download your file, your adf.ly link comes up.
if you are able to get your files downloaded then if you will gonna make some cash from it.
Some of the popular sites are : Rapidshare.com , sendspace.com , filefactory.com , dropbox.com , keepandshare.com , midupload.com etc…and you know few more

3. Facebook commenting method
First of all you need an account that have about 20 friends. Then just go to here pages and like them and then post something with your adf.ly link.
IMPORTANT: Don’t spam this method and always if comment on facebook with your adf.ly link, comment something relevant. Otherwise you will surely get suspended!

4. Posting Torrent Links
My friend got maybe really good idea to get clicks. He said that I could create blog or website with only torrent links. I mean that you search for ex. from here movies, games etc. and when you find good torrent, copy link from that torrent and shrink it to adf.ly. Then put your shrinked links to your website or blog. When your site gets popular and trusted, you will get awesome amount of clicks.

5. YouTube Method
Create a video with popular stuff and in the description section leave your adf.ly links stating,watch more videos here etc..or you can download some latest video from here and then reupload them to youtube and leave your adf.ly links in the descrption section.
NOTE: When linking, try not to use the default adfly URL, be different and less recognizable, use one of their other redirect options like j.gs or mask them using bit.ly
Share your youtube videos with adf.ly links in the description. you will get many visitors to your video from facebook. Read more YouTube Method

6.Sharing adf.ly links on orkut
GO to this link
You can share your adf.ly links on orkut easily. there is no such problem there like in facebook. create a community or join communities and share your adf.ly links there.

7. Yahoo answers method
I know you can not share your adf.ly links on yahoo answers directly but if you have a blog or website, you can direct huge traffic from yahoo answers to your website. use the website entry script or full page script if you have many stuff to download.

8. Post adf.ly links on forums
There are many forums that allow sharing adf.ly links.
also you can use your adf.ly links as signatures, and get more clicks.
-Go to the official adfly forum (*removed* ), and go to ‘Getting Traffic’ section. There you will find some good spreading methods.

9. Sharing adf.ly links on twitter
there are many methods by which you can post your adf.ly links automatically to your twitter account using twitterfeed etc. just create a account on twitterfeed and create a feed using your adf.ly api key and then connect it to your twitter account.
you can search for this process on the internet you will be easily able to find it.

10. Adf.ly links on Redgage
GO to this link
You can share your adf.ly links on redgage. you will not only get visitors to click on adf.ly links but also get paid for sharing links. you are paid for view that you recieves for your content. you can share photos, blogs, links ,video and documents on redgage.
 Thank you,
happy Earning!

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